Incubating Mode

Together life is more fun.
Feedback and inspiration are invaluable.

Holger Hubbs
511 11th Street, Pacific Grove, California 93950


Paradigm Shift?

I have a longing, maybe even a pain inside that tells me that life is more than paying bills and being temporarily secure and entertained.

We all have precious resources, skills, talents and interests that can be brought to the marketplace of life; preferably in an atmosphere of integrity and mutual benefit.

We all have our blindspot, stubbornness and fear which keep us in the grooves of habit, familiarity and expectations.

Meeting same-minded, same-hearted people, can be most inspiring and beneficial. Teaming together in ways we maybe don’t know yet; willing to discover, to be vulnerable, learning to ask for help, or sharing and examining what works for us.

Being practical, resourceful, creative and supportive, in the spirit of love — if it is okay to use such a word…

Life is precious and quite amazing; I am not interested in creating a club, or saving the world, but in opening up to reasonable opportunities where I live; to outgrow the ways of old that don’t seem to work anymore.

Being able to say “I don’t know” without rushing away seems very healthy.

We don’t seem to need more excitement or “stuff”, but to be again inspired, to feel touched inside, to allow a brave and fresh look at what is here and now: Life… Openness… Without being entangled in our stories. It is friendly and supportive.

Fears and doubts can shred everything into pieces.
What is our common ground, what is real and what is fake?

Let’s pretend some openness (-;


PS: We could meet at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, or start an online group at BeingTogether.Live